Hillary Clinton: I’d rather watch Cat GIFs than peep at Trump Headlines

Hillary Clinton has confirmed she’s just like any other person who likes to watch animal videos, maybe memes. Surprised? The Presidential candidate says she’s rather watch cat videos than peep at Republican rival’s headlines.

Image : Mrs Hillary Clinton

Mrs Clinton spoke at a fundraiser in San Francisco Thursday afternoon. In her speech, the US presidential aspirant made reference to Donald Trump’s recent allegations on how he grabbed women by their p***y.

The former Secretary of State said it makes her want to “just look at cat GIFs”, CBS News reported.

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In her words: “It makes you want to turn off the news. It makes you want to unplug the internet or just look at cat GIFs.

“Believe me, I get it. In the last few weeks I’ve watched a lot of cats do a lot of weird and interesting things. But we have a job to do and it’ll be good for people and for cats.”

According to Mrs Clinton, the allegations against her political opponent Mr Trump, are disturbing. She claims the Republican rival has insulted “every major demographic group over the course of his campaign”.

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In her statement, the 68-year-old said: “The whole world has heard Trump brag about he mistreats women and the disturbing stories just keep coming, but it’s more than just the way he degrades women, as horrible as that is.

“He has attacked immigrants, African-Americans, Latinos, people with disabilities, POWs, Muslims, and it is, and our military, which he’s called a disaster. There’s hardly any part of America that he has not targeted,” Mrs Hillary Clinton added.