Heartbroken mom blasts parents after no one attended her child’s birthday

No mother will react better than Kristen Layne, whose son held a birthday party but no parents or kids attended. Call it hate, bullying, racism or whatever that fits, it’ll be well understood if that happens between kids but when parents – all parents – get involved, that becomes something inexplicable.

Image shows Mahlon on his birthday.

Mahlon‘s birthday was held on October 23 and the heartbroken mom says it was a big day for the 9-year-old.

However, the event which should have been a memorable day for this lovely boy, turned out a disaster. His mother said the year has been a “big year” for him, before the disappointing celebration.

According to a report from PEOPLE, Mahlon’s family relocated from Portland to Bend, Oregon. The boy had been homeschooled all his life but started a new life at one public school in Oregon.

After trying so hard to adapt with his new environment and defeat the challenges of socializing with other kids, Mahlon’s mom said there was no better way to celebrate her boy’s achievements than to throw a birthday bash with classmates and friends.

Efforts were made to decorate their home, taking samples from Mahlon’s favorite book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Well, they all knew what a wimpy kid looks like. Don’t they? But this is, in no way, saying the kid had actually lived like one. His friends and the parents understand better.

Sadly, Mahlon and his family waited and waited to no avail. No one came to cut the cake with them, leaving the mom and kid, crushed beyond imagination. Too bad.

Mahlon’s mom, Kristen Layne, spoke with PEOPLE in an interview.

She said: “I was heartbroken.”

The heartbroken mother continues: “I woke up the next morning after his party and my face was literally almost swollen shut from crying so hard.

“We would have been thrilled with one child. If one child had shown up, that would have made our day.

“Words cannot describe the utter and complete devastation that washed over me, my husband and my nearly 70-year-old father who was almost brought to tears himself,” she wrote on a blog [www.peanutlayne.com]

“Seeing my heartbroken little boy sitting all alone at his brightly decorated, empty party table was more than I could take.”

Thank good heavens, she said, the sweet boy is a “rare breed”. He enjoyed the whole day with his head held high.

“Despite his pain, he tried his hardest to have a good time,” she says.

Layne, the sit-at-home mom, reportedly spent the day with all her five children and at night they went out for bowling.

Image: Mahlon

However, Mahlon’s mom had these words for other parents who she advised to think twice before failing to honor invitations.

“I know that we’re all busy and it’s easy to overlook in anticipation and kind of think, ‘Oh, I’ll get to it later or kind of think that, ‘Oh, we’re busy that weekend, can’t make it,’ “ Layne says. “But there’s a child on the other side of the invitation that’s expecting people to come.”

Image shows Mahlon at home on his birthday.

Mahlon went back to school the next with bags of goodies for his “friends” who couldn’t attend his birthday. He hopes they’ll be there to celebrate with him next year.

Meanwhile, the report says this 9-year-old is making a thank-you video for all the parents and kids who found time to send him messages to say they “appreciaate him as a freind”.