Hasselbaink: Chelsea players need to be more selfish in front of goal

Former Chelsea striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink told Sky Sports that the players need to improve their mindset and tactics following below-average performances and frustrations from the fans.:

“Someone needs to take the responsibility to say, ‘I’m going to go by myself and I’m going to finish with a shot’.

“We didn’t see enough of that. We saw passes that put their team-mate in, but the passes weren’t great.

“Sometimes you have to be more selfish and go direct and finish the action. It was not enough.

“They are creating chances, they’re playing well and they’re passing the ball up to that final third. The issue here is the final pass and scoring goals, it’s that final bit that they have to figure out.”

Carney: Chelsea trying to score perfect goal

Ex-England Women winger Karen Carney said:

“I feel like Chelsea have tried to create the perfect team by bringing these players together and today [Sunday], they tried to score the perfect goal doing the same thing.

“Theo (Walcott) and I were saying for the whole game ‘just shoot’ because every time you dribble with it, Bournemouth kept dropping and they kept running into a wall.

“Pullbacks need to be better, take on the shot, take the responsibility and ownership because it’s not the perfect goal, but it’s what Chelsea are trying to do. It won’t happen in the Premier League.”