Hackers reveal how Donald Trump’s old Android phone can be compromised

The U.S. President is still using his unsecured personal mobile phone despite warnings from tech experts that he’s more likely to suffer the same fate as Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

Hackers say it is very easy to hack Donald Trump’s Android phone, and guess what? They revealed how.

It’s a mystery why Donald Trump just can’t let go of his old Android phone. Maybe it means a lot more than the world can ever know.

One of his attacks on Mrs. Clinton during the campaigns was her use of private communication systems while serving as the U.S. Secretary of State. The regrettable decision from her was among the reasons she lost grip on the White House.

Why then is Trump committing the same error? Is there something he’s trying to prove?

On 22 January, a disgruntled American tweeted against Mr. Trump’s use of an unsecured telephone line.

“This is how we got here – the media completely failed to articulate what was at stake. And the people are not happy,” Kenton wrote on Twitter.

This is how we got here – the media completely failed to articulate what was at stake. And the people are not happy.https://t.co/W8XbWNdzoj pic.twitter.com/Yfc9iFOjDi

— Kenton (@realKentron) January 22, 2017

Americans are not happy indeed, but the president seem not to care about what harm can be done by hackers. Maybe they love him now, don’t you think?

The New York Times also reported that Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania, went back to New York on Sunday night (22 January) with their 10-year-old son, Barron, and so Mr. Trump has the television — and his old, unsecured Android phone, to the protests of some of his aides — to keep him company.

Trump knows he’s making himself vulnerable to an attack, but his negligence looks like a bait which hackers are no longer interested in. However, they chose to lecture everyone on how the American president’s phone can be compromised.

Hackers are aware that the 70-year-old president is still using his Samsung Galaxy S3 to tweet from his @realdDonaldTrump account.

Although the group of anonymous hackers made public threats that they’ll be targeting Mr. President, their warning is expected to force Trump into making a wise decision in the interest of all Americans.

Last Friday, the cyber-criminals attached a screenshot in a tweet which clearly explained how the president’s Android 4.4 OS phone can be hacked with ease.

According to the Twitter post, this outdated software can be compromised with a software they called “Stagefright”.

Worse still, the hackers explained that anyone can buy and use this software on all Android phones, especially those running Android 5.0.1 or older versions.

In their explanations, Mr. Trump’s phone can be hacked through its background components which are same as those used in executing multimedia files.

These components “are implemented in the native C++ code instead of more secure languages such as Java. This leads to remote code execution vulnerabilities, which can be exploited using various hacking methods, one of which is Stagefright.” they wrote.


To run Stragfright, the hacker simply needs to know the person’s phone number, using which he could send a special MMS to the device containing a .MP4 file. Once the MMS containing the .MP4 is downloaded, the hacker will be able to execute malicious codes on the person’s smartphone and compromise sensitive data.

Since MMS files are automatically downloaded when an Android device is connected to the internet, this means the vulnerability doesn’t require any action on the part of the user to execute itself. The hacker will be able to send the MMS and delete it while the device is on standby mode.

In summary, they said Donald Trump’s phone can be hacked even while he’s asleep.

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  1. You’re right in your thinking. There’ no way he won’t fear hackers since he already knows the risks. They’re probably using that as a bait. Or to prove some other points which are yet to go public. Time will tell.