Graphic: Shameless Couple Having Sex On A Train.

A couple in Barcelona were seen having what seems like an adventurous sex on a public train in a Metro. It kind of worked well for them because the kind-hearted passengers reserved a bench for and backed away.

No one dared interfere but instead they gladly took pictures and made video recordings for later use – maybe for the media.

The sex starved couple committed the act in the early hours of Sunday, in the full glare of cameras and videos on the train. The location is Liceu station, under the famous La Rambla. This area of the city known as the Gothic Quarter (a popular area with tourists).

Couple have sex on Barcelona train platform in front of other passengers

In the video released online, both were seen discarding their pants and undies hurriedly as if they’ll die the next minute if they don’t.

A passenger could be seen walking past the X-rated scene without minding what the couple were doing.

Another group of young men passing by couldn’t hold back their gratitude for the free show of shame. They stopped and waited patiently until the couple ended the drama with embarrassed laughter.

Couple filmed having SEX at busy Barcelona train station in front of horrified commuters Credit: La Vanguardia

The man who can be called ‘a sex machine’ didn’t care about people around, he stopped at a point to change his position before continuing his quest for pleasure with the woman urging him to move on. Crazy world, indeed.

It’s not known yet if the couple always have a turn-on for sex when in public places; or if they were drunk before engaging in the act.

One of their friends who made the video spoke with a Spanish media:

‘We are fed up with these sorts of situations and that’s why we’ve decided to register a formal protest and go public with it.’

The police is said to be looking for the couple at this moment for anti-social behaviors.