Grand Solmar Vacation Club, Cabo: Everything you need to know

Your experience in Cabo San Lucas will never be as exciting, enjoyable and memorable without Grand Solmar Vacation Club.

The Mexico-based organization offers amazing deals and benefits, including beautiful open water sights from glass-bottom boat tour. Interestingly, touring with Grand Solmar brings you one-of-a-lifetime experience with nature, especially the sea lions and sparkling blue waters from Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean as well as other side attractions that are certainly incomparable and inaccessible anywhere else.

The unending adventures with Grand Somar Vacation Club in Cabo are open for everyone; including those craving for fun in the sun, a ride on horseback, an awe-inspiring sight of desert flora and 20 foot-high cacti as well as some daring adventure lovers who dream of experiencing real-life rides on All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) provided by Grand Solmar to test your nerves on the massive dunes found on Migriňo Beach.

Are you planning a wedding or brainstorming on the perfect honeymooning location? You may have ample knowledge of scuba diving, but what do you know about snuba diving?  Grand Somar Vacation Club, Cabo, provides you with a 15-minute up-close ocean floor marine life under guidance from professional divers and tour guides. In this article, we present a list of features you can expect during your tour in Cabo:

  1. Navigating Cabo San Lucas

Grand Solmar Vacation Club established its home resort in Cabo because the location offers everything you would ever hope to see while touring any of the world’s best vacation destinations. Most American and Canadian tourists choose Cabo San Lucas because of its proximity and short, inexpensive flight fares—especially when compared to other tropical vacation sites. What’s more? There are loads of amenities to spice up your tour because visitors to Cabo who are registered members of Grand Solmer Vacation Club gain unequalled pampering and treats such as:


  • Free airport shuttle
  • Rooms with furnished private balconies, pillowtop beds, rare and lovely Frette bedsheets from Italy, wireless internet connection, 40’ LED television sets with satellite channels to provide non-stop entertainment etc
  • 244 fully-airconditioned and individually beautified guestrooms with kitchens, giant size freezers/refrigerators, microwave ovens etc
  • Area shuttle, free parking and Wi-Fi
  • Professional Spa services for facials and body massage
  • Fitness centre
  • Sporting activities on standard golf courses
  • 7 outdoor swimming pools
  • Childcare services etc.

Other luxury benefits provided to improve your satisfaction level are: (i) a kitchen (ii) private bathroom (iii) children’s club (iv) children’s pool (v) supervised childcare and babysitting services at surcharged prices (vi) and supervised activities, among other.

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Apart from the amazing white-sand beaches located around south Baja, other iconic sites are: In Marina, Lover’s Beach, Solmar Beach, Marina Cabo Lucas, The Arch, Medano Beach, Land’s End, Divorce Beach, San Lucas Bay, Cabo Dolphins and Cannery Beach, among a host of other lovely spots that are trekkable (between 1 to 37 minutes). For example, Marina provides a great option for tourists with ample experience as sport fishermen because there are lots of charter operations available at fair prices.

In Medano Beach, both experienced and clumsy landlubbers are guaranteed wonderful outings.

There are also dozens of eateries (restaurants, coffee shops, lounges and poolside bars) in the 5-star resort where you can get your desired servings of Italian, Asian, Mexican and Argentinian cuisines, among other available options. Interestingly, you have an option of 24-hour room service. Other extra amenities include a VIP check-in, can or limo service, surcharged roundtrip airport shuttle, free valet parking service and a business centre, among others.

Renting a home in Grand Solmar Lands End Resort surely positions you at the heart of Cabo—with all promises of 5-star services you will live to remember. There are, in fact, enough offers to grab the attention of vacationers and keep them busy throughout the duration of their tour.

Grand Solmar Timeshare

When you embark on a tour with Grand Solmar Vacation Club, it is certain that you will benefit from lots of opportunities that are hardly available anywhere in the world—especially if you’re daring to the bones. What else? You get to save even more from amazing discounts and benefits offered on almost every service you get while exploring dozens of tourist attractions in Cabo San Lucas and beyond.

Grand Solmer is renowned for its spacious, fully-decorated suits and quality service but you will be thankful after going on trips to nearby towns like Todos Santos and San Jose del Cabo, a location up the Sea of Cortez after Cabo San Lucas.

San Jose del Cabo was discovered by Spanish adventurers in the year 1730 but the historic town still has its appeal to visitors, especially because two capes found in the district were pivotal in naming the district “Los Cabos.”. Renowned as a “mission town,” San Jose del Cabo is calmer than San Lucas but both locations offer 24/7 fun so neither of the two towns can be described as boring or quiet.

San Jose is divided into two districts but both locations have equally iconic sites and more thrills for visitors. For instance, the Historic District is renowned for its City Hall and San Jose Mission (which were both erected with designs from colonial-era Spain). Further, as an open-air town square, Plaza Mijares perfectly represents the culture and tradition of the people of San Jose. On the other hand, the Art District has its peculiar attractiveness. As the name indicates, hordes of vacationers on tour with Grand Solmer have a chance to explore a list of galleries exhibiting artworks from many international and local artists. In this location, members of Grand Solmer Vacation Club can purchase original handcrafted arts. There are also restaurants, bars, bistros and coffee shops for those who need to unwind in different ways.

“Pueblo Magico,” as Todos Santos was named by the Mexican government, is popularly known as a quiet town for artists. It rests on the Baja Peninsula, a location on the Pacific side which provides vacationers in Cabo with close and easily accessible shops on quaint streets beautified with artworks from Mexican artists and craftsmen. Todos Santos is an important town—culturally and historically—an amazing contract that provides Grand Solmer Vacation Club members with different but memorable experiences.

In 1974, Grand Solmer Vacation Club was established to provide guests with “traditional timeshare memberships” and serve all Los Cabos indigenes with industry-standard accommodation and related hospitality services.

2019 Tips for Grand Solmar Vacation Club Timeshare

The main aim of Grand Solmer Vacation Club Timeshare is to provide accessible professional tour guide and quality hospitality services so that vacationers can enjoy their time out. Additionally, the service company provides opportunities for vacation ownership. It is therefore true to state, unarguably, that club members find Grand Solmer Vacation Club Timeshare as the most effective, efficient and service-oriented approach that eliminates or reduces stress levels among customers by aiding in vacation planning, preparation and providing comfort on arrival. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced airfare: One of the biggest challenges faced by Grand Solmar Vacation Club members is the high cost of flights though American and Canadian tourists are less worried about this. However, booking your flight ticket ahead of time—about 2 weeks—significantly cuts down the price. Additionally, buying tickets with one or two stopovers will certainly increase your savings, especially for those who don’t mind the delay.
  • Sales alert: To stay updated on new deals—particularly because airfares continuously fluctuate—you should register on some websites or apps, setup your notifications and stay connected online for sales alert. If you choose to register with an email address, keep an eye on your account for messages on discount sales.
  • Freebies: Beautiful Cabo is a perfect place for meeting your favourite celebrities so get off your phone and enjoy the sights. While strolling on the Marina, for instance, treat yourself with some chilled cups of margaritas and coronas as you watch your good life unfold before you.

Vacation in luxury

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In the world of vacation, Grand Solmar Vacation Club is widely known as the “best definition of luxury.” This is so because vacationers are guaranteed the best resorts ever together with quality services at affordable prices. In other words, experience with competitors in the hospitality industry shows that booking your vacation online and renting rooms doesn’t guarantee professional care and commitment as you will always find in Los Cabo, under guidance from the 5-star resorts—an experience everyone should have in their lifetime.

Tips: (a) Buy your sunscreen from local stores in your location before traveling. (b) Take a picture of your passport copy and visa page, credit card, CVC numbers, phone number etc. You should also have the information on hard copies (photocopies).

Simply described as “paradise on earth,” Grand Solmar Vacation Club is your best bet for a rewarding vacation. You should envision waking up in your condominium or luxury suit with lovely tunes from crashing ocean waves vibrating in your ears. This is what happens when you lodge in Land’s End Resort. The location is also a good spot for a clear view of the sun, a landscape that promises lots of inspiration before your day begins. For golf lovers who have dreams to play in championships, Grand Solmar provides such heart-warming experiences. Your day or night at the spa promises the best body massage and facials anyone can ever have. How about enjoying the ocean-side bar, infinity pool and dinner on Cabo’s rock cliffs? These are some of the features you get as a Grand Solmar Vacation Club member.