“Go To Church To Pray, Not Play,” Priest Tells Church Members Addicted To Pokemon Go.

As Pokemon Go spreads its influence beyond international boundaries, addicted gamers in Phillipines have been warned by a priest to desist from the “evil” while in church. The advice comes at a time several places on worship in the country have been made “Pokestops”.

Image shows Pokemon Go gamers in Singapore losing sleep over the monsters.

“Pokestops” are locations where game players can collects items like eggs and pokeballs in order to get greater advantages for the big deal.

Though churches are always free for visitors–believers and non-believers, Pokemon Go gamers who find themselves hunting for monsters in churches instead of praying and reverencing God in His house, should understand that is blasphemy.

The Catholic priest in Tacloban City reminded Pokemon Go fanatics not to forget their faith in God, no matter how important it is for them to upgrade their status in the world’s most popular game.

A report from The Inquirer Phillipines confirms the Sto. Niño Church in Tacloban has two Pokestops that draw gamers–young and old, making it necessary for Fr. Ronel Taboso to issue warnings against unlawful intrusions and violation of property rights.

“They should use their time and energy productively and not waste their precious time. They should go to church for the right reasons,” he said.

In a statement posted on the news website of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), the parish priest noted that Pokemon Go players were lining up outside the iconic church.

According to the CBCP website, a large group of disrespectful Pokemon Go fans even staged a “lure party” near the church to attract more Pokemon on Aug. 10, with the location doubling as a Pokemon gym where trainers engage their Pokemon in battles.

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