Global News Update: What has happened so far today?

As has been the case for several weeks, events have been unfolding quickly today in Gaza and Israel.

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said the military reached a “significant stage” in its war against Hamas, while the heads of several major UN bodies called for a humanitarian ceasefire.

If you’re just joining us or need a recap, let’s get you up to speed on today’s other key developments:

  • The number of people killed in Gaza surpassed 10,000, according to its Hamas-led health ministry;
  • A Hamas official claimed Israel was carrying out a “Gaza holocaust” and invited the UN to witness Israeli “war crimes” in hospitals in a news briefing;
  • The Israeli military claimed to have divided Gaza into two, declaring the territory as a whole was split between “north Gaza and south Gaza”;
  • It said it opened a four-hour humanitarian corridor to allow civilians in northern Gaza to travel south;
  • The Rafah crossing from Gaza to Egypt reopened once again to allow foreign nationals on a pre-approved list to leave the territory, according to border officials;
  • Hamas’s armed wing in Lebanon fired multiple rockets into Israel in a more significant attack than what has taken place at the border so far;
  • Internet connection was restored in Gaza after a blackout yesterday – for the third time since the beginning of the conflict;
  • And Iran’s president will travel to Saudi Arabia next Sunday to take part in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation summit, according to reports.

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