Girl Thrown Out Of Flight For Wearing Hot Shorts.

The United States of America is a free country and we love it for the freedom to wear pants and bra on the streets. Since the ladies don’t mind showing off their “sacred things”, men also have the right to feed their eyes, only if doing so doesn’t turn one into “an animal.”


A beautiful girl named Maggie McMuffin dared to take a flight from Boston in an outfit that JetBlue Airlines considered skimpy, so she was ordered to disembark.

The rejection triggered series of events which, according to Molly McIsaac (Maggie’s friend), should be shared on the social media in protest against “the callous treatment meted out on her friend.”

Read her story:

This is Maggie McMuffin. Maggie is a burlesque performer and also a friend. This is what she was wearing last week when JetBlue told her she was dressed inappropriately and couldn’t board the flight from Boston to Seattle she had paid for. She was connecting in Boston from NYC, also a JetBlue flight – which had no issues with the way she was dressed.

No explanation was given except that the pilot said her clothes would prevent her boarding the plane. The flight lead asked if she had anything else to wear, and told her if she didn’t they could rebook the flight for her. Maggie ended up having to go to another terminal to buy a pair of women’s sleep shorts in XL for “proper coverage”.

Despite contacting Jet Blue at length, all they have done to “make it right” is refund her for the swim trunks and give her less than $200 in credit. The company apologized but the pilot did not. They have not offered any explanation for their behavior.

Sexism is alive and well in this world. How does what Maggie was wearing effect her ability to fly? It doesn’t.

Please share this status. Make this go viral. Maggie did not deserve to be treated like this.

Read Twitter Comments:

Bruce Davis The problem for the airline, I think, is that the bottom garment looks more like an undergarment than shorts. Would the airline approve of a female passenger wearing a brassiere? Undoubtedly not. Hey, she’s a nice enough looking female…and that’s nice beach attire.

Romeo Tango Are you sure it wasn’t because of those pasty-ass legs and the retardedness of wearing a long-sleeve sweater up top and nothing much down low?

Kate Lyons If the pilot didn’t approve of another outfit – like a hijab, or a t-shirt for a band he hates, or a guy in a woman’s dress, or a woman in men’s clothing- would it be ok for him to keep those people from flying, too? And, exactly what parameters did...See More

Beth McElhiney That is one of the worst fashion looks ever! A sweater with a hat and those shorts with knee socks. WTF was she thinking? Just for that I would say change your outfit girl, lol.

George Lackerdas Definitely a stunt. Private company, NOT a public conveyance. for the moment it STILL is America and a private company has the RIGHT to deny service to anyone. They are the ones taking the risk of losing customers who think dressing like a stripper i...See More

Molly McIsaac I cannot stand how disgustingly Puritan our country is. You all bum me out.
Cecil Griffin They don’t owe you an explanation you ignorant shit. They’re a PRIVATLEY owned company...

Steve York With a mouth like that you must be really lucky with the ladies Cecil.

Maï Harbonnier You are all so stupid … This isn’t a question of fashion, private/public company or whatever. Everybody should be able to wear what he wants ! She was not unclothed –‘ and that short/outfits were not a valuable reason to prevent her boarding the pla...See More

Brie Cantes Be consistent. Make it a problem across the board (all the flights with this airline) or else not at all. Frankly, the pilot is the one with a problem. Although she isn’t that slim, a lot of much fatter people are probably offended because they are grossly overweight and cannot dream of wearing anything like this…just saying.

Molly McIsaac What the absolute shit are you talking about with your sizeist bullshit. Maggie isn’t slim?! What?!

Hanna Walicki uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Blair Patton i am sure there were other women on that plane with shorter shorts. I think this is a race issue…(mocking)

Taylor HowdoUsay Mosloski She was apologized too and got reimbursed plus a $200 credit.. Quit being a baby, and say apology accepted… Fuck is wrong with you… Maybe don’t dress like a retard, and shit might go a little better for you… I know I’m sorry, you’re a free spirit, don’t want to conform, and feel we are all oppressing you. Suck it up! Dumbest shit I’ve ever seen.
Paul Delucry I and my family were once stopped from boarding a flight (an hour before take off) with little credible explanation. Then 40 minutes later, as the last passenger was boarding, I was told we could go. The look on the agents faces made me realize they had just been screwing with us. I bet they had a laugh watching us stress trying to figure out what was going on.
Jim Cook Molly, I have no idea what’s keeping you from going nuts with the banhammer. You’re far more tolerant than I am.

Aaron Deon If you’re gonna rock granny panties as shorts knock yourself out, but don’t act all surprised when it draws attention. Mission accomplished I guess.

Amanda Brausieck Granny Panties have a brief back and show off some of the booty. These are literally no different than exercise shorts, hell I have exercise shorts that look like these. There was a man who rode on Jet blue for 2 years in women’s lingerie and he never got kicked off for his clothing.

Tweak Jones holy shit! you think these shorts are a problem? I witnessed 5 Muslim (might be women, might be men) dresses completely covered from head to toes, faces, heads, eyes, show their passports and tickets/ Passports likely demonstrating the same dress in thSee More

Kate Perkins Its a polite British term Mary Frances Allen.
Denise Rice She looks as if she forgot to put her pants on I would of made her change too!

Austin Shalashaska Stois why? some twisted form of social justice in closeting strangers from seeing *gasp* legs? btw, it’s should *have*, friend

Lori Cheli Zalabowski Seriously she looks like she forgot to get dressed. Would this be different if this was some hairy dude in boxers and flip flops?

Lee Cooper Well those shorts ain’t tight or sexy …. there just wierd shorts ….nothing wrong with that …I thought they were super tight and showed alot and hell.. these ain’t bad at all ????

Daryl Best I Think you not understanding . As a guy I have no right to judge what woman wears. This person has right to wear what ever she wants. Regardless of anyones opion. This was waist of time to bother this woman. Reguardless of all negtiveness on this post. I hope the airline at least reviewing there dress code policey.

Daryl Best There should be your in there. Sorry for poor grammer.
Yvonne Theresa Van Leeuwen True what one person just said. No matter what the shorts look like (and sorry, but they aren’t flattering!) if the airline don’t have a dress code in their t&c’s (maybe they do?) then surely anything goes?
Bette Dillon She was ASKED if she could put on something else, it was her choice. She was not going to be denied boarding. And if she thought what she was wearing was fine, why did she go to the PLANE’s bathroom to take a picture? Yes you can see a lot more inappropriate at the beach, but this isn’t a beach.
Wain Perkins The ‘stupid vagina’ chronicles. ……Bawa hahaha

Jodi Matthews Why would anyone want that much of their thighs to touch those airline seats? The bottom of this outfit resembles underwear and the pilot made the right call. Dress like this is offensive to most people unless it is at the beach.

Gloria Hutton looks like she forgot her pants. those are underwear.

Marie Stafford this is ridiculous. a company can refuse service to whoever they want with some legal exceptions, and they weren’t even doing that. they left room for negotiation, she got to board her flight, and she left with more money than she had before boarding t...See More

Pamela Rose Garcia Sexism!? Please! It looks like the worst pair of granny panties ever! Put some pants on!

Austin Shalashaska Stois why? are you joan rivers?

April Dawn Asbridge Goodan Wrong so wrong the pilot is still able yo fly, people what is next. Think about it. What if it was you? This is censorship she did nothing wrong. What’s next hair too long, no redheads. Just wrong.

Rolan Lop By that before protest does not read. Where said the conditions for addressing a plane, also said that these forced dress appropriately, I recommend that you read all the terms and conditions , you daras account that if they applied to a third of the passengers could not address, that costume is very ridiculous and ordinary

Alice Bryant Good job company, making girls not go out without trousers or skirts, one person at a time

Rosalind Harris Jet Blue’s heads would explode if they came to Australia. Men and women are all wearing shorts this short in summer here.

Kay Sasara Whatever happened to good taste and common sense? She looks like an idiot. The pilot was probably having a bad day and she sent him over the edge.

Austin Shalashaska Stois you can’t inconvenience people and refuse service because your almighty taste tells you that you may, buddy

Charon Collier Kay Sasara your comment makes you sound like an idiot. Why would we all conform to your idea of “good taste?” that sounds boring.

Mare Ab Apparently airlines have lowered standards with all not just this woman for the almighty dollar. I am not sure I want to fly anymore. Hygiene and standards when doing communal traveling…Ugh…

#20 in Rolling Stone Magazine’s “100 Best Instagram Accounts”. Don’t end up here. [Created by: Shawn Kathleen] Press:
Jeffrey William Poindexter What the fuck is “the ability to fly”?
Last I checked no human had “the ability to fly”. What a monumentally stupid statement.
Anyway…clearly this has absolutely fuck fucking all whether or not she can plunk her ass in an airplane seat or not. This See More

Austin Shalashaska Stois >fuck fuck fuck fuckety fuck
>”muh DECENCY”
pick one

Jeffrey William Poindexter This is an adult conversation fuckwit

Salauka Ofafaric Look!Its a private company.They make their own fucking rules.Just don’t fly with Jetblue anymore.If you come to my party,I decide whether you come in or not.You can’t make me love your clothes in my own fucking house.Peace out!

Lou Mastrocinque Now you get mad because woman are told to put clothes on. Damn girls are never happy…can you imagine the shit storm if they asked her to remove some clothing

Mare Ab I’m for everyone wearing non-descript uniforms as we board the plane. Perhaps with the JetBlue logo on it…included in the exorbitant price for new employees to be the fashion police and make sure that everyone is feeling equal and looking equal. “Cough” “Cough” It’s just a flight…point A to point B. Follow the Contract of Carriage every major airline has it and you will get to your destination to do what you really meant to do and be where you really meant to be.


Gail Hensel I think the pilot was right.

Tony Jenkins Have seen far more risque clothing on passengers in the past & no issues by the pilot or cabin staff.



Melinda Reichenbach I dont think this is sexism. I agree with the decision. That is not an appropriate outfit for a public event such as air travel. I think the addition of the thigh highs make it look even more inappropriate.
Juho Väkiparta I agree. This would turn into sexism when same thing would be accepted on men part, but frankly if man does this or similar with short shorts like that he might be even denied from the whole airport.

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