Girl Abandoned 5 Days After Birth, Returns 23 Years Later In Search Of Parents.

Cao Haofei received the worst treatment any child could get from parents when she was abandoned only five days after her birth. She was discarded on a chilly spring day at Beijing’s Temple of Heaven Park in 1994.

The lucky Chinese girl survived thanks to a policeman named Hou Xiangwei, who found her shortly afterwards. Five days passed while she was in the cop’s care but efforts to locate her parent’s proved abortive.

Image shows Cao Haofei and Hou Xiangwei.

A close examination showed the baby’s right hand was burnt but had gauze over it.

It’s yet unknown how she sustained the injury though there are speculations that it could be a mark left on her by the mom who may have been a teenager at the time.

However, the right hand was amputated by a hospital to avoid infections.

She was then handed over to a babies home where an American couple who lives in Texas adopted her after 5 years.

Haofei is now 23 years old.

Beijing News reported that “the orphan” grew up in the care of her foster parents who treated her like their own. But she recently came back to China, looking and hoping to find her biological parents.

According to her: ‘Life’s been good and very kind. I have a happy life with my “mom” who works in special education and a “father” who plays in a band. Neither of them has ever made me feel embarrassed with my background. They’ve been supportive and very proud of me.’

Image shows Cao Haofei and Hou Xiangwei.

The report quotes Haofei’s foster father as saying that if the girl’s biological parents knew how outstanding she is, they would be happy.

Her first time of visiting China was at the age of 15 during a summer holiday. Since that cultural trip, her foster parents have ensured she visits the country every year. It was her graduation 2 years ago.

Haofei decided to live and work in Beijing, China so she could learn Chinese but her dream of finally finding her biological parents is yet to become reality. However, in May, Haofei and her friends visited the Temple of Heaven Park where she was found.

She also paid a visit to the police station where the policeman who found and rescued her was said to be an employee. Luckily, they met each other again 23 years later.

Image shows Cao Haofei and Hou Xiangwei.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Hou Xiangwei was moved beyond tears.

Haofei told Hou, “I want to thank you. You are the man who held me up. You are my police dad,” adding “I would like to show my gratitude and ask about my birthday and my stories. I want to meet them.”

The lucky girl admitted she knows it might take a very long time for her to meet the parents but says she’ll never lose hope.

Image shows Haofei and her foster parents from Texas, USA.

Image shows Haofei and her foster family.

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