Girl, 19, Cuts Her Finger And Used Blood To Write Love Notes.

A middle school student in one of China’s secondary schools went a bit too far in expressing her love for another teenager who doesn’t want any of it. She chose an alarming method of professing love by cutting a finger and using the dripping blood to write a love letter on the floor for the boy.


The drunk-in-love teen waited for her crush outside his home in southwestern China, hoping the boy would consider her bloody pains but he didn’t.

Instead, the “good boy” called the police. I beg your pardon for the hasty assertion, how old was Romeo and Juliet?


At 19, the girl is already an adult according to the laws of the country but still, it’s strange that she would go that far looking for affection when she should be worrying about her grades in school. Isn’t it funny what morality and modernization turned the world into?

The 19-year-old, from the city of Mianyang, in Sichuan province, had cut her fingers with a fruit knife and used her blood to write love notes for the boy, Wang, on the ground outside his door, local news portal reported.

Police quickly arrived at the scene after Wang called for help but the girl who was already on a suicide mission, threatened to slit her wrist.

Officers eventually coaxed the girl into handing over the knife and quickly bandaged up her wounds.

The girl said she had hoped to more strongly declare her love for Wang, who had not responded to her previous advances.

After some counselling by the officers, she agreed to stop self-harming and promised to try to deal with her emotions more appropriately and calmly.


This was what a net user named Karajorma commented on the news:

“If this is how she gets a guy to go out with her, heaven help anyone who ever tries to break up with her.”

Suicides arising from academic failures and relationship problems are quite common among teenagers in this part of the world. Earlier this year, a young couple who were denied approvals from parents to get marriage, took their lives for the rejection.

The boy wrote a love letter for his fiancee and took with him a bouquet of flowers to the bridge.

With passers-by watching in fear, he jumped into the river and drowned.

On hearing the news, the girl traced the location and also jumped to her death.