Ghanaian people dying of hunger, country experiencing 1983 famine – Oboy Siki

Oboy Siki, a well-known Kumawood actor who goes by the real name Nana Ofori Agyemang, has lashed out at Akufo-Addo’s government over the rising cost of food items.

According to Oboy Siki, the current situation is a re-introduction of the infamous 1983 famine.

During an exclusive interview with Ghanaman TV, which Modernghana News monitored, the controversial actor slammed the NPP government for inflicting hunger on Ghanaians.

“Now, the NPP is killing Ghanaians with hunger. This is a replica of the 1983 famine that killed many Ghanaians. The current economic hardship and high prices of food is the little brother of the 83 famine,” Oboy Siki said.

He added, “The difference between now and the famine in 1983 is that there is enough food to buy but Ghanaians do not have the money to buy. This one, there is food but we don’t get the money to buy.”

Oboy Siki never let the issue go without blaming the Ashantis who he believed voted massively for the NPP.

“When you talk about these things, people do not understand you. We are too foolish. The foolishness on our part is that we vote one way. If Asantes deny the NPP their votes, this government will be removed. After voting for them, they cannot boast of anything,” he raged.