Gerard Piqué warned Barca fans to stop insulting Sergio Ramos

El Classico now has more edges outside the sport, including some jaw-dropping images worthy of praise on the lawn.

The behavior of the players, despite the tension of the encounter between Barcelona and Real Madrid and beyond the controversial moves, proved more than correct.

Among those actions highlighted a collection by the cameras of ‘El Golazo de Gol’ and starring Gerard Piqué, who did not hesitate to reprimand a sector of fans who began chanting with insults towards Sergio Ramos .

It happened in the second part, in one of the corners in favor of Madrid . Then, before the shouts of Sergio Ramos, son of p …!, Piqué interceded twice, denying with his finger and asking with his hand that the insults to the white captain cease.


Image Source: ‘El Golzo de Go’

It is not the first time that Piqué has asked Camp Nou faithfuls to show some respect for Sergio Ramos. Last year , during the 5-1 that sentenced Lopetegui, there was already a similar episode with the same protagonists.