Frank Lampard is terrorized by Ghosts

Frank Lampard is synonymous with fearlessness and strength but just like any other mortal, his wife has revealed that the former Chelsea midfielder is terrified of ghosts.

The revelation isn’t a good one from his wife who should have waited for Lampard’s football career to end before going public with their “biggest secret”.

What if opponents in the MLS find ways to haunt him with ghosts during matches?

A report from The Mirror [] confirms the 38-year-old is always scared to death at night. He keeps looking out for spooky things, even when and where they don’t exist.

Go near Lampard day or night in a hood and risk your life!

Wear a mask near him and you are dead!

But that’s if he doesn’t take off like Usain Bolt or Chris Brown.

Image shows former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard.

Christine Lampard made this revelation at the launch of her new TV show Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live.

In her words: “Frank believes (in ghosts).

“He could easily be scared. He wouldn’t stay in this hotel, put it that way. He really wouldn’t.

“If he thought something was haunted he just would not be happy about it. He’d be dreadful on it.”

Christine and Frank Lampard at the Carl Frampton fight

Image shows Christine and Frank Lampard.

Lampard spent 13 years with Chelsea. The former Manchester City player is considered by both football journalists and fellow players as one of the best midfielders in his generation.

The Londoner is also regarded as the greatest Chelsea player of all time.