FOOTBALL FACTS: What you probably don’t know about Brazilian legend Socrates

A few days ago, Sadio Mane was awarded the Socrates award for his contribution to humanity. This award was named after Socrates, one of the greatest midfielders of all time, who sacrificed his career for the betterment of his country.

Brazil was under the rule of a tyrant and there was no equal treatment for all the people of Brazil. Socrates was vocal against it. His career in Europe was very short because he was actively connected with the people of Brazil. Socrates along with some other figures created the most radical player power movement in football history called the ”Democracia Corinthiana.”

People in Brazil didn’t listen to the president but they listened to Socrates. Socrates and his teammates famously carried a banner to the field- ”Win or lose but always with democracy.” This is how Socrates made a difference in people’s life in Brazil.

He was not just a great footballer, he was a doctor, a hero. He was a revolution.