Flying cars expected in Kuwaiti airports by 2021

Flying cars could be taking to the skies of Kuwait by 2021.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) and the Dutch firm Personal Air-Land Vehicle (PAL-V) flying cars company, where KAC will provide maintenance for the vehicles in the Middle East.

The PAL-V is a two-seater with a maximum speed of 170km/h using the same jet fuel used in normal planes. It needs a 180m long runway to take off and only a 30-metre runway to land. It can take off from roads and fly an altitude of 10,000 feet.

According to a report in the Kuwait Times, the MoU was signed by KAC deputy CEO Abdul Halim Zaidan and PAL-V CEO Robert Dingemanse, at a ceremony that was also attended by KAC board chairman Yousif Abdul Hameed Al-Jassem, the Netherlands Ambassador to Kuwait Frans Potuyt, KAC CEO Kamel Al-Awadhi, manager of the regional business centre in Dubai Abdullah Al-Enezi, and PAL-V’s deputy CEO in the Middle East Khalil Malaeb.