Floyd Mayweather Says Fighting McGregor Isn’t A Joke.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather has revealed he’s in talks to fight Conor McGregor .

Image shows Mayweather and McGregor.

The five-time division world champion admitted the fight would have to happen in the boxing ring.

“It’s really not a rumour. The fight may happen. We really don’t know as of right now, but do I think the fight will happen? Absolutely,” Floyd said.

“It has to be a boxing match because most fights that Conor McGregor won inside the Octagon, he was a stand-up guy.

“I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a tough fight for me… we don’t really know as of right now, but there’s been a lot of talk, and hopefully we can make the fight happen,” he added.

Image shows Conor McGregor

Speaking on Showtime, the world renowned fighter admitted McGregor, a Crumlin native is “no pushover” but revealed the pair are yet to pick a venue.

“He is no pushover.

One thing about Conor McGregor, he is no pushover. He fell short in his last bout but a true champion can always bounce back so that’s a guy that I can’t overlook,” he explained.

“We haven’t picked a venue, we haven’t talked about money yet. I am going to get $100m. Every time I go out that’s my number. Every time I go out and get inside that squared circle, it’s $100m or better.”

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