FIFA 2018 Final Draws: Neymar Jr. says Brazil are coming for the trophy

Neymar Jr. has expressed excitement for Brazil’s chances at the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The former Barcelona star said his national team, the Brazilian squad that everyone respects, is back for a memorable showdown.

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Brazil qualified for the most exciting global football tournament by topping the South American standings, and after the draw which took place on Friday 1 December, 2017, he says they are ready to face anyone.

History shows Brazil is a formidable football side at the global stage despite their disappointment at the 2014 World Cup which was held in the South American country. Neymar suffered a life-threatening injury and his absence led to a humiliating encounter against the Germans.

The former Santos FC player who now plays for the French Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain said they’ve gone back to the drawing board, rebuilt their reputation by securing a smooth-sail qualification to Russia 2018, and are raring to fly on the wings of the wind.

The 25-year-old Brazilian star is, without doubts, the pillar behind his national team’s revival. He is at his peak right now as a player and team leader both off and on the pitch.

He had great hopes for the last World Cup in Brazil, and is now looking forward to regaining the lost respect although he admits that luck, sometimes, play important roles in deciding who wins the trophy.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Final Draws

The famous No. 10 spoke with FIFA in an interview where he talked about his national team’s preparations and prospects for the 2018 World Cup. He also explained how the horrific injury he suffered on home ground changed him as a footballer.

‘No. We have no fear for any team,’ he said when asked about any threats posed by their group members. ‘Brazil are ready to face any country. We train hard to accommodate those threats, if any. It’s a World Cup, and we know the best teams are there.’

He continued, ‘There are definitely going to be well-prepared sides with good players and quality teamwork. It’s easy for football analysts to pick teams over others but it doesn’t work that way. Football has a lot of surprises these days…even in the past. You only have to prepare and be ready for the challenges as they come.’

On whether the outcome of the group draws matters, he said: ‘There’s very little luck can do in this case. Moreover, I don’t want to rely on luck as a necessary factor in winning the World Cup.

I believe the eventual champions are the ones that put in the hard work a long time beforehand, and are ready to face anyone in their group or in the knockout rounds.’

Neymar said he admits the Brazil team has regained confidence, adding that the players are totally different to what they were about three or four years ago after the World Cup.

In his words, ‘People look at us now from a different perspective. We are a new team…a different Brazil that everyone respects and admires. We are back for a purpose: to enjoy football…it makes us happy.

‘We are most happy now that the mood of our fans and country has changed completely. Everyone feels happy ahead of the World Cup. The confidence is back and we are looking forward to a memorable World Cup…You can bet on that.’

On his prayers and dreams, the PSG ace said: ‘…In 2018 Neymar will be a very happy player at the World Cup.’

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