Female Teacher attacks Headmaster with hot water, says he was ‘sniffing around’

A female class teacher has been arrested for pouring hot water on the school headmaster who visited her classroom as part of his routine checks.

For voluntarily causing injuries on a fellow teacher, she’s undergoing investigations under Section 324 of the Malaysia’s Penal Code.

The primary school teacher has a history of violence, The Star reported. She allegedly carried out an attack on a former headmaster in the past, and no legal action was taken against her.

Saiful Bahri Abdullah, an Assistant Commissioner of Police with Sibu (OCPD), confirmed the assault which occurred in Lebaan on Friday.

“The headmaster was on his routine rounds checking up on teachers [around 10am],” Abdullah said.

“When he walked into her class, the suspect told him off, citing his action as being akin to him not trusting her.”

Amid accusations and denials, the 49-year-old teacher attacked her 40-year-old school administrator in the full glare of her pupils, after ordering the man out of her classroom.

When he ignored the bold commands, she turned her water bottle into a weapon, emptying its hot content on him.

In the words of ACP Abdullah, “The hot water scalded the headmaster’s left arm and the left side of his back. His left calf was also injured.”

The accused has been arrested and remanded in custody for three days.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk P. Kamalanathan says he’s disappointed at the shameful incident, and calling the woman’s action “unprovoked.”

“The ministry is very disheartened by such actions of the teacher and are awaiting the full report from the police investigation before taking any action,” Kamalanathan wrote in a text message, according to the Malaysian Digest.

“Teachers should be examples to students and when cases like this happen, it casts a shadow on the hundreds of thousands of good teachers and that is a very sad fact.

“I urge teachers to always follow the law and use proper methods to channel their grievances instead of taking the law into their hands.”