Father Throws A Pair Of Scissors Into Daughter’s Skull But Says It Slipped

Anger management is something most people never care about though we know many around us who need it badly. ‘Till it happens to you,’ Lady Gaga would say.


A horrific incident of bad parenting sent a 10-year-girl in Shanghai to an early grave, almost.

Her father was so mad at her and in the rage, threw a pair of scissors which landed on the girl’s skull, sticking out of her brain.

The girl’s father said that he was angry at his daughter for playing with her brother, instead of doing her homework at night like she was supposed. Then he tried frightening the girl by waving around a long pair of scissors.


According to a report, the ‘hangry man’ had just been washing some chicken and his hands were slippery. Unfortunately, the scissors slipped from his hand and pierced right through his daughter’s head, even poking her brain.

Would you say it’s the darn chicken’s fault? How possibly could a pair of scissors from a slippery hand pierce through the skull?

The 10-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital where doctors performed surgery to remove the 15-centimeter-long pair of scissors from her skull. She is currently in stable condition following the surgery, though she can’t remember the incident.


If only the girl could remember what actually happened, probably, the man should be behind bars right now.

The family is actually from Anhui province and moved to Shanghai for work and to give their children a better education.

The mother also says that her husband was just trying to scare their daughter and didn’t mean to hurt her. Accepted in the eyes of the law.

In May, a 12-year-old girl in Dongguan had a long knife measuring 15 centimeters, stuck in the back of her head. A classmate left the object there in anger.