Expect nothing as a guest at Ronaldo’s mansion – Evra

Patrice Evra and C. Ronaldo.jpg

Cristiano Ronaldo is famous, wealthy, and generous, but his former teammate Patrice Evra has an advice for intending visitors to the Real Madrid player’s home: expect nothing.

Evra, who plays for the Premier League club West Ham, says people should offer a blatant NO whenever they get invitations from the Portugal national team captain.

Speaking alongside other football analysts on ITV’s 2018 FIFA World Cup podcast, the former Manchester United left-back shared a sad experience he gained from a visit to Ronaldo’s house.

The 37-year-old defender explained that C. Ronaldo’s passion for football is incomparable to his appetite for sumptuous meals, adding that while both were together at the mansion, his host was more concerned with training and showing off skills.

“He said, ‘Patrice, come over after training,’” the France international player noted. “I went – You know I was really tired…At the table there was only salad and plain white chicken so I was like, okay…He [Ronaldo] served only water – not any juice.”

Evra continued, “And we started eating and I was thinking some big meat would be coming after that but there was nothing.

“He just finished and he stood up and he started playing with a ball, doing some skills and he said, ‘Let’s do some two-touch.’”

Ronaldo, who wears the captain’s armband for Portugal, scored a hat-trick against Spain in their first group game at the ongoing Russia 2018 World Cup.