“EgyptAir Hijacker Is Extremely Dangerous”, Wife Says.

Seif Eddin Mustafa the hijacker of an EgyptAir plane who strapped himself with fake explosive belts allegedly confessed to the police that his reason for diverting the plane to Cyprus was so he could see his wife and family after 24 years but that’s a lie.

This picture shows him making a V sign from the police vehicle after his arrest.

The hijacker’s Cypriot ex-wife has also come forward to inform the police that the man in question is “extremely dangerous.” He has a history of drugs and domestic violence.

His estranged wife Marina Paraschou confirmed to a newspaper,

“This man never cared for his children for one minute, either when he lived here or when he went away.”

“He only offered pain, misery and terror. And even now when he’s in police custody, my children and I are afraid.”

Records from the authorities say Mustafa has been on a stop list since his deportation from the Island in 1990.

According to the wife, the hijacker’s claim that he was seeking asylum in the country was a “lame excuse”. Mustafa is a “fanatical” Palestine Liberation Organisation supporter. The wife continued, “he had bragged about participating in the killing of three Israeli soldiers.”

Marina Paraschou also rejected having any ties with the father of her 4 kids in the past years. She explained that contrary to what reports said about her meeting with the hijacker, the police only brought her to Cyprus so she could identify his voice.

The couple got married in 1985 when she was 20 and divorced five years later with 4 kids.

How could 59-year-old Seif Eddin Mustafa hijack the Airbus A320 with 72 passengers and crew on board and threaten to blow it up with a fake suicide belt out of love for for a family he never wanted? Marina says that his motives for the hijack is yet to be unraveled.


As Cypriot officials have described Mustafa as someone with mental problems, it is a mystery that no life was lost in the incident.

Mustapha never asked to see his wife so his act wasn’t for love but a selfish suicide mission miraculously aborted.

While the terror lasted at the airport, the hijacker had asked police negotiators to deliver a letter to Paraschou. The letter contained demands for the release of 63 dissident women imprisoned in Egypt. The said lunatic knew what he was doing and may have acted on instructions from a higher authority.

Mustafa asked the authorities after his arrest: “What’s someone supposed to do when he hasn’t seen his wife and children in 24 years and the Egyptian government won’t let him?”

When a hijacker turns to a romantic loverboy: The last time the hijacker’s wife Parachou contacted him was when one of their kids had a car accident and his reply at that time was, “What do I care? It doesn’t matter she was killed.” Mustafa just finished serving a one-year prison term in March 2015, Egypt’s interior ministry said.

In 1988, Mustapha was convicted on six counts of forging passports and handed a suspended sentence In Cyprus.

His deportation to Egypt was an outcome of domestic violence reported by Paraschou.

Mustafa forged a Qatari identity and entered Cyprus with the passport but was arrested and deported to Egypt in 1990.