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Don’t mess with female flight attendants

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The days are gone when flight attendants could be molested, insulted and embarrassed by uncivilized passengers. Prospective flight attendants at the Southwest Airline Vocational College are now taught the basics of “Wing Chun”, an ancient Chinese martial art.


Image: Prospective flight attendants receiving lessons on self-defense.

You may call it “Ching Chung” or “Kungfu”, but whatever you say, be mindful that the tall, slim and sexy looking girls on planes could easily take on soldiers and terrorists might want to dare.

The college has signed an agreement with a Martial Arts Association to jointly develop anti-terrorism skills that will be effective on an airplane.



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2 Comments on Don’t mess with female flight attendants

  1. Good idea ,but you must have enough physical strenght to attack or defend yourself from a terorist on board, especially if you are a woman!

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