Don’t let depression kill you

Depression is a global health problem which transcends beyond age, race, gender or social class. According to the Mayo Clinic, depression is also known as “depressive disorder” and the term is synonymous with slight sadness, dejection or utter misery. It is best understood as a mood disorder that causes loss of interest in things, people or events around us.

Depression comes with a feeling of sadness and, in most cases, makes people vulnerable to physical problems because it derails how they think as well as how they act. Moreover, depressive disorder causes people to withdraw from activities they would normally enjoy or have previously enjoyed. Common signs of depression are sleeplessness, anger, irritation, nightmares, violence and suicide. Other signs include guilt-feeling and self-absorption.

Denial is not a Nile in Egypt; depressed people sometimes feel they are worthless due to their presumed helplessness towards the perceived cause of depressive disorder. However, the Mayo Clinic suggests exercise as the best treatment and prevention tool for depression because it releases endorphins, which are proven mood-boosters with capabilities of cleansing the human body of chemicals that may worsen depression. Don’t let depression kill you. Start exercising today!