Donald Trump: I’ll teach the U.S. Military Expert a couple of things about Mosul

PHOTO: Donald Trump speaks to ABC News George Stephanopoulos in an exclusive interview, Oct. 26, 2016.

Donald Trump attracted wrath from basketball legend LeBron James a few days ago for his live radio rants on “grabbing women by their p***y”. Though the 70-year-old later apologised, saying his reckless comments were locker room jokes, he recently claimed there’s need for him to lecture a top U.S. military expert on Mosul.

Earlier in October, the presidential aspirant faced condemnation for his vulgar comments about women after Washington Post released a leaked tape where Mr Trump described himself as good in bed.

The business mogul bragged that he moved on entertainment reporter Nancy O’Dell “like a bitch…”.

James wasn’t concerned on what Mr Trump chooses to say or how he lives his life, but didn’t hesistate to refute the alleged claim that basketball players have nothing of worth to discuss in their locker rooms.

The 30-year-old NBA star said: “[Locker-room talk] is not what that guy said. We don’t disrespect women in no shape or fashion in our locker rooms. That never comes up.

“I got a mother-in-law, a wife, a mum and a daughter and those conversations just don’t go on in our locker room.

“[On what topics basketball stars discuss before or after games] Sporting events that happened the night before, about family, about strategies that we may have that night, about a highlight that may have happened … that’s what happens in our locker room.”

Image: Donald J. Trump

LeBron James Hits Back At Donald Trump For “Locker Room Talk”.

Among his many troubles, Mr Trump recently engaged Jeff McCausland in a war of words over issues on Mosul.

Jeff is a military expert and former dean of the Army War College who came under fire from Trump for an alleged lack of effective and efficient strategies that could have won the war in Mosul a long time ago.

The Republican presidential nominee told ABC News this weekend that he has better strategies on how to reclaim Mosul in Iraq. He also offered a few tips to prove his military experience.

Trump told the news outlet in an exclusive interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: “You can tell your military expert that I’ll sit down and I’ll teach him a couple of things.”

The verbal war started after Mr Trump tweeted on Sunday that the ongoing massive onslaught against an elusive ISIS in Mosul has been without some expected results. He went further, saying that America’s cordinated battle against the jihadis has turned out to be a “total disaster”.

“We gave them months of notice. U.S. is looking so dumb. VOTE TRUMP and WIN AGAIN!” he tweeted, later telling the ABC reporter that his earlier statement on the importance of using “the element of surprise” in war, wasn’t really a wise one.

Image: Donald J. Trump

Mr Trump fired against the U.S. military strategists, questioning ABC’s Stephanopoulos on issues that should have been directed to the military headquarters.

“I’ve been hearing about Mosul now for three months. ‘We’re going to attack. We’re going to attack.’ Meaning Iraq’s going to attack but with us. OK? We’re going to attack. Why do they have to talk about it?” he asked, believing the respondents were listening.

“Element of surprise. One of the reasons they wanted Mosul, they wanted to get ISIS leaders who they thought were, you know, in Mosul. Those people have all left. As soon as they heard they’re going to be attacked, they left.

“The resistance is much greater now because they knew about the attack. Why can’t they win first and talk later?”

Meanwhile, Jeff sees Trump’s rants as a proof that the presidential candidate knows nothing about wars and military strategies.

A report from The New York Times quotes Jeff as disagreeing that the element of surprise was required to win the war against those godforsaken jihadis.

Jeff said: “What this shows is Trump doesn’t know a damn thing about military strategy,” according to the report from NY Times.

“I can’t wait to sit down with Mr. Trump and hear what he has to teach me about military strategy. I’m happy to compare my record of over 45 years working in national security affairs with his any time.

“When it comes to the question of the Mosul offensive, Mr. Trump doesn’t understand that 99.9 percent of the troops involved are Iraqi,” Mr Jeff explained.

“I reassert my statement to The New York Times: Mr. Trump doesn’t know a damn thing about military strategy.”

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, is also in agreement with Jeff’s stand on the battle in Mosul.

Image: Hillary Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Following Mr Trump’s claims on knowing better than the experts, Mrs Clinton, who was at a joint campaign with U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, had this to say.

“And yesterday when he heard a retired army colonel and former dean of the Army War College said that Donald doesn’t understand military strategy, Trump said ‘I’ll teach him a couple of things,'” the former Secretary of State said.

“Well, actually, Donald, you’re the one who’s got a lot to learn about the military and everything else that makes America great.”

Mr Trump has maintained his allegations that Mrs. Clinton and President Barack Obama are to blame for this ongoing war to reclaim Mosul.

He said: “We had Mosul. We have to take it because Hillary Clinton and Obama left that big vacuum, and ISIS went in, and they took Mosul.”