Dog Owner says she needs a “Pupternity Test” after her white canine delivered all-black puppies

A young woman who owns two white canines [male and female] has suspected the female dog of “extra-marital affairs” after it gave birth to a black puppy, and then another black one, and yet more black puppies.

The dog owner said she’s unhappy with these strange births, and is desperate to get the mystery solved.

Jacqueline Arguello says she doesn’t believe her two white-furred dogs can have completely black puppies. And a pupternity test may be conducted to prove that Mocca is innocent from all charges.

In her Twitter post which has received nearly 100,000 likes, Arguello wrote: “This is my dog and her baby baby…and this is my dog and her babies.”


This is my dog & her baby daddy…

& this is my dog & her babies.

— jayquilen (@jackiearg_) January 2, 2017

However, dog people have expressed their admiration for the “Most Beautiful Black Puppies” with some of them saying they’re ready to take custody if the owner decides to “disown” them.


A large number of “negative-minded” people have also supported Arguello’s claim, calling Mocca an irresponsible “lady”.

“When I saw her first baby be born, I thought it was funny that [the baby] was black,” said the Texas-based woman. “And then the next one was black, and the next, and the next!”

Arguello told Buzzfeed in an interview that she was greatly surprised after seeing the charcoal-black puppies, adding that she quickly suspected that her female canine must have cheated.

She said her family admitted the possibility that Mocca may have sneaked out to catch some fun outside. However, their doubts are yet to be confirmed.


Notwithstanding the surprise, Arguello joked with Buzzfeed, saying she understands this could be a simple case of genetics. Two white canines are capable of producing black puppies if they both have the dominant gene, science tells us.

Such births are not impossible in humans, too. An entirely different color from past generations can spring up in any woman though it’ll take the grace of God for most men to accept whatever paternity tests say about this.


“I’m just happy we have beautiful healthy pups and eventually we’ll see if they look like daddy,” she giggled.

Meanwhile, a commenter has condemned Mocca on charges of infidelity – even without a pupternity test. He wrote on Twitter: “Man not even these dogs loyal…”

Another one wrote: “I’m tired of the lies…”



What would your reaction be as a man or a dog owner in this situation?

Do you know there’s pupternity leave for workers in the United Kingdom and some other countries?

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