Di Maria’s wife breaks the silence on his mega move to Manchester United

Angel Di Maria’s wife, Jorgelina Cardoso, has recalled that there were voices in Spain that labelled her husband as mercenaries following his departure from Real Madrid in 2014.

Cardoso admitted that Manchester United made an offer that the Argentine winger could not turn down.

Jorgelina Cardoso and Angel di Maria 2

“Angel played in what is, for me, the best team in the world,” Di Maria’s wife said.

“We were perfect; the weather was perfect and the food fantastic.

“One day Angel came and told me, ‘An offer came in from Manchester’.

“I said no bloody way and warned him he was going alone.

“He replied, ‘Yes, we are going’.

Angel di Maria

“There was a lot of money and the Spanish came out to call us mercenaries.

“And yes, we were.

“If you work in a company and the competition comes to tell you that they pay double, you will go running.”