DEATH THREATS: Willian leaves Corinthians for ‘safety reasons’

Willian has left Corinthians after receiving death threats, the former Arsenal and Chelsea player said.

The 34-year-old went on a free transfer to Corinthians last summer, but now says he will return to Europe and that he has terminated the contract with the Brazilian club. 

English media has linked him to Premier League club Fulham FC.

“I did not come to Brazil to get threatened,” Willian told reporters for the Globo Esporte.


“Whenever Corinthians lost and if sometimes I was not doing well in the game, my family received threats, and curses on social media.

“My wife, my daughters, after a while (they) also started attacking my father, and my sister.”

Willian has been criticised by some of the fans over poor performance in the field, as Corinthians was eliminated from two important competitions in recent weeks, despite the team being second place in the Brazilian league.

“Corinthians accepted the dismissal of the athlete, the anticipation of the end of the contract. Willian alleged private and family problems and the desire to leave Brazil. Corinthians is sorry, but respects the player’s decision,” Corinthians said in statement.