Dear Passenger, Never Solve Maths Questions On A Plane.

Quite understood, you might be a Maths genius but you’re advised as a passenger, “Never solve maths questions on a plane.”

Image above shows an American Airline plane sitting at the tarmac.

It’s not so bad for one to jolt his memories on weird Maths formulas while on-board. In fact, it’s nobody’s business if you choose to write your term papers or academic projects on the plane. The problem is, you could be arrested. I guess you’re asking, ‘why?’

This piece of advice you’re about to get is a free lesson from Guido Menzio, a passenger who suffered the fateful experience. He is an Italian Math professor.

Menzio was nearly kicked off an American Airlines plane because the other passenger seated next to him saw the professor drawing strange lines and measurements on a notepad. The suspecting passenger panicked thinking a terrorist is mapping plans on where to hijack the plane or worse still, crash the bird.

Don’t blame that terrorism-related thinking.

Image above shows Guido Menzio, the maths notepad and an American Airline plane at the airport.

You would probably do the same if a weird-looking man with long beard and maybe, dressed in a way that doesn’t say otherwise, is sitting next to you on a plane. Although the allegation could backfire but if the accused takes it with humor, racial profiling isn’t still acceptable in this modern society.

Guido Menzio is currently an economics professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Reports confirm he was actually working on an calculus equation for an upcoming presentation.

However, things got worse on the plane for the paranoid passenger not just because she lacked knowledge of calculus, the female passenger was freaked out because she tried talking to the professor who was busy solving maths, but got no response. The serious prof was too absorbed to start a random chat with a lady on the plane.

The woman was very smart to avoid a seeming death threat since the plane was yet to take off.

Right there at the tarmac of the Philadelphia Airport, the scared passenger feigned sickness and asked the flight crew for help.

She revealed her suspicion towards Menzio to the airline staff after she was removed from the plane. Immediately after that revelation, security operatives swung into action and bundled the professor out from the plane for further interrogations.

“The pilot comes to me and asks me out of the plane, there I am met by some FBI looking man-in-black, “ the surprised professor wrote on his Facebook page.

“It’s bit Funny, it’s bit worrisome.

“The lady just looked at me, looked writing of mysterious formulae, and concluded I was up to no good……Trump’s America is already here.”

After the security searched his baggage and ID to see his real identity, Prof was understood to be a serious academician solving math equations.

Reports say ‘he was allowed back onto the plane, but the flight to Syracuse, New York was delayed for 1.5 hours.’

Image above shows what the math professor wrote on his Facebook page.

Good afternoon passengers.

This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight meziesblog to U.

We are now inviting those passengers with small children, and any passengers requiring special assistance, to begin boarding at this time.

Please have your boarding pass and identification ready.

Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes’ time.

Passengers are advised never to solve maths questions on-board, thank you.

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