Man gets parking ticket from officers while he lay dead in the car

A dead man who was locked up in his Isuzu Axiom car for four days, received a total of five parking tickets from cops who didn’t know there was someone without breathe inside the vehicle. The event occurred in Fort Lauderdale late last month.

Jacob Morpeau‘s corpse was found on the day his car received its last parking ticket between Nov. 12 through Nov. 15. But shamefully, it wasn’t an officer of the law who made the discovery.

An autopsy from the Broward County Medical Examiner‘s Office confirmed Jacob Morpeau died from natural causes. He was surfering hypertensive cardiovascular disease.

The Isuzu Axiom was parked just a few meters away from the Broward County Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale where it received those parking tickets from city officials.

According to a report from Seattle Times, a woman named Carolyn White was passing by Jacob’s car when she noticed it had received a good number of parking tickets.

The good Samaritan sensed there could be danger, so she moved a bit closer to peek inside the car.

“Oh my God, please tell me this man is not dead,” a horrified Carolyn said after the sight of a man inside.

Jacob, a 62-year-old man from Miami, died on the driver’s seat. His upper body was leaning on the dashboard, and he had a credit card in his hand, Carolyn said.

The report didn’t confirm how long he stayed dead in his car.

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According to the report, Fort Lauderdale officials declined to grant interviews on the matter.

However, an email from the assistant clerk said the city dismissed Jacobs’ $160 incurred as parking fees, “due to extenuating circumstances.”

“Morpeau’s family had not heard from him for a few days before his body was discovered,” according to a Fort Lauderdale police report.

“He was a good man,” Jacobs’ son, Daniel said in a statement. “He raised all of us, and gave us everything we needed.”

The 34-year-old Daniel reveals that Jacobs’ body was cremated.

Another of Jacobs’ son Alain Danier, said he is one of six adult children from the deceased. He said their father was an immigrant from Haiti who had owned a car-sales lot in Miami before his death.

Jacobs was a pensioner.

“I can understand why the meter person probably didn’t see him from the driver’s side,” said Carolyn, who explained that she was waiting for a friend who had an appointment at the court.

“He was underneath the steering wheel, his head was in the middle of the seat, between the two seats,” Carolyn said.

“But you could see him on the passenger’s side. That’s how I saw him, from the sidewalk.”

“I’m so sorry for the family,” said Carolyn.

The Isuzu Axiom had tinted windows.

“Maybe that’s why they couldn’t see him,” Kevin McGoey [owner of Kevin’s Bail Bonds] said.

“It was sad,” he added. “The guy was probably sitting there all weekend.”

“Even if the guy had (come to court and then) gone to jail, he’s got five tickets. Why not see if something was wrong? They’ve got to use a little discretion instead of just writing tickets.”