Dead-At-77: Celebrities mourn the death of veteran British actor, John Hurt

John Hurt, the British actor who played lead roles in popular franchises such as Alien and Harry Potter, has passed on to the afterlife. His death was announced on Friday.

He is survived by his wife of twelve years 12 years, Anwen Rees-Myers.

Hurt will be remembered for his roles in Hercules (2014), Melancholia (2011), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1 & 2), V For Vendetta (2006) and many more.

He battled cancer and intestinal problems in recent years after a fulfilling career which lasted over six decades.

Back in 2015 while he was hospitalized for pancreatic cancer, the veteran actor wished he could live on forever. In his words: “I hope I shall have the courage to say, ‘Vroom! Here we go! Let’s become different molecules!”

“I can’t say I worry about mortality, but it’s impossible to get to my age and not have a little contemplation of it,” he added.

“We’re all just passing time, and occupy our chair very briefly.”

Here’s what celebrities are tweeting in his honor:

“JOHN HURT. Simply an inspiration to all of us artists,” wrote Vincent D’Onofrio, who also posted four pictures of the deceased. “Hopefully his skill in acting will influence many actors in the future for a long long time.”

Image shows Hurt and his wife Anwen.

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