‘De-escalation the best strategy’ to free further hostages – Oxfam chief

The chief executive of Oxfam, Dr Danny Sriskandarajah, has said he believes the best strategy to secure the freedom of hostages from Gaza is one of de-escalation.

“What we can’t afford to see is further escalation,” he says.

“We need all parties in this conflict to start to de-escalate and start to save lives rather than cost the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people.

“We need a different strategy – one that’s about peace and rebuilding peace in this troubled zone.”

He also speaks about the charity’s own work, and says he has around 30 colleagues currently working in Gaza.

“These are people that should be providing relief services today, but instead they are running for their lives,” he says.

“They are cowering with their families in incredibly cramped spaces, desperate for water, running out of batteries on their phone.”

He explains it is difficult to keep in contact with staff in Gaza due to limited power supplies.

“In Gaza today, I have no idea if they are safe and all we hear from them is on the occasion they have enough charge of their phone they will call in.”

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