David Wagner – The win against Jose Mourinho was well deserved

Huddersfield Town v Brighton & Hove Albion - Sky Bet Championship

David Wagner has urged members of his Huddersfield Town team to stay humble after Manchester United’s shocking defeat on Saturday.

The former striker with German club side Eintracht Frankfurt said his boys played satisfactorily for a deserved victory against a lackluster United side.

“I am totally aware that this is a very special moment,” he said during a post-match interview.

“I am happy and proud of it but I am sure we will be happy, leave it in the past and move on to the next one. We have worked for nearly two years on extraordinary things but right now it is important that we stay humble. We cannot take it for granted.”

Huddersfield will play their next match against Liverpool at Anfield, and Wagner admits that a match against Jurgen Klopp’s men cannot be taking for granted.

The club has never won an away match against The Reds since 1956, but Wagner is optimistic that with the same attitude against Mourinho’s team, a win may not be impossible after all.

“The players did exactly what I asked them,” said Wagner. “For 60 minutes we did it very well. I told them that while I hoped and believed in such a result, I could not expect it. What I could expect was togetherness, spirit and attitude.”

Talking about Romelu Lukaku’s first half attempt at goal and subsequent misses, Wagner said: “We changed the formation but after 60 minutes they put a lot of pressure on us and we had a very good goalkeeper. We had some lucky moments as well but I think it was a deserved result.”

The Belgian striker later connected with substitute Marcus Rashford for a goal which reduced the scoreline to 2-1 at full time. However, Jose Mourinho admits the defeat was a surprise. “It was a surprise, of course, but it happened so, for me, it’s quite easy and simple to say the team that deserved to win won. I know you like that [singling out Lindelof] – if it is the correct word, individualization, of the mistake and the defeat. I think it’s very unfair as the mistake was him in the second goal and [Juan] Mata for the first goal but they were in the context of the game. If we had an amazing game, you point the finger and say we lost undeservedly due to an individual mistake but it was not the case. I was waiting for that mistake. It was Mata and Victor but it could have been another one as the attitude was really poor. So they beat us on attitude.”