Dangerous Google.Com Exposed by Google.

There’s yet nothing like Google.

The company has shown a high level of respect and honesty to customers by revealing that its own safe browsing tool is flagging “google.com” as partially dangerous.

This means so much as well as could be nothing but, you never know. The company may have been hacked in some ways as it happened to other big companies in the past. For now, it hasn’t been verified.

The company can’t explain what happened but Google wants you to know so you can take necessary steps for your protection.

Here are the specific reasons why Google.com is partially dangerous:

Google Warns Users About a Dangerous Website Called Google.com


The recent Google’s diagnosis of the problem essentially explains that Google.com can be a platform for people trying to scam you by either pushing you to download malicious software or using phishing to redirect your online searches to unsafe sites.

One Redditor pointed out, Bing.com is fine. (But then you’d have to use Bing.com which is bad in its own way.)

The honest update from Google is highly commendable but sadly, it reminds all of us that internet browsing can never be 100% safe.

If this could happen to the largest and safest technology company in the world…we are not safe anymore.

For now, the advice from Google’s own Douglas Adams says: Don’t Panic.

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  1. Hey, you deserve an award. Over here we believe Nigerians are all about scam but you’re doing something positive and helpful. God bless you, man.