Dad kills a doctor to avenge death of his newborn


A bereaved father whose newborn daughter died at a hospital in Shandong province, China, has been sentenced to death for taking the life of a medical doctor who handled the toddler’s treatment.

According to China Daily, the 30-year-old murderer received his death sentence at Laiwu International People’s Court.

Chen Jianli was charged with intentional homicide following results from investigations surrounding Li Baohua’s death. He was also deprived of his political rights.

Local media reports confirm that Chen’s daughter was born in February 2016 at a hospital in Laiwu, where the pediatrician worked. Unfortunately, the toddler suffered a high fever and was moved to the pediatric ward for adequate treatment, but she died, the court statement showed.

However, the bereaved father blamed hospital management for his daughter’s death and asked for compensation on several occasions. When it appeared his demands for financial settlement had been rejected, he resorted to violence.

Chen rode his motorcycle to the hospital one morning in October 2016 after buying a machete, which he concealed in a green canvas bag. On reaching the pediatric ward located on the 5th floor, he found Li lounging. The angry father questioned his victim on compensation issues and the death of his child, but when he got no response, an attack ensued.

Doctor Li was reportedly speaking on the phone when Chen rained machete cuts on his head. He died at the scene.

“He stabbed the doctor to vent his anger in a public place and used cruel means to kill innocent medical personnel, resulting in great harm to people’s personal safety and a negative social impact. We have given him the death penalty,” the court said in a statement on Sunday.