Cristiano Ronaldo expecting movie roles in Hollywood after football career

After winning so many collective and individual trophies with Manchester United, Real Madrid and Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo has said he has nothing to prove.

The Juventus striker is proud of everything he has achieved in football so far. Notwithstanding his eternal rivalry with Lionel Messi, the former Sporting Lisbon ace believes this is the right time to live the good life.

Speaking with reporters at the Globe Soccer Awards event, CR7 said his successful football career is not connected to magic, secrets or miracles. “It’s not a coincidence that I win everywhere I go [making reference to his exploits and Old Trafford and the Santiago Bernabeu].”

He continued, “A champion wins all the time…But without hard work, dedication, and passion for what you do, you can’t achieve anything.”

Looking at the long list of trophies and amazing football records, Ronaldo said the most important part of his career is “always keeping the motivation to get better.”

In his words, “I am always inspired to maintain this high-level performance whether I’m playing, exercising or having a vacation…So, you can see that there’s nothing else to prove…All I need to do now is sit back, relax and enjoy this.”

CR7 acknowledged that he is in the last phase of his trophy-laden career. But the four-time Ballon d’Or winner says he has awe-inspiring retirement plans.

“I learned the importance of improving one’s knowledge a long time ago…So, I always try to acquire training on whatever interests me,” he added.

“Life goes on after football. Although I really wish to win a Champions League, not achieving this dream doesn’t make me a failure.

“When you see that the body does not have the same capacity to respond to what the head orders, you have to know how to deal with that and face it.

“Right now, I am preparing for a new life that will see me perfect my English, and if possible, get movie roles in Hollywood…This means that I have to leave my comfort zone, learn more, and challenge myself in new things.”

Talking about his secret to living a happy life, Ronaldo said people should understand that “there’s time for everything.”

“We really need to find a balance…For me, life isn’t about winning all the time or training and training…The day has 24 hours…Within this period, you can decide when or how to train, relax, and be with people that make you smile such as family members and friends…Loving yourself is the key to living a fulfilling life.

“There’s a lot to learn out there but the most important question is: do you have the motivation and passion to excel?”