Criminal Suspect Gets Almost 6 Years Jail Term For Refusing To Unlock His Phone, Against Court Orders.

Image: Photo File

A Londoner who was caught with two unlicensed firearms has been served an extended prison sentence of about 6 years in prison, after he disobeyed police and court orders that demanded passwords to his two mobile phones. 

Marvin Jones, 29, from Tyneham Close, Clapham, was reportedly sentenced to 5 years and six months in prison for illegally possessing two revolvers; a Smith & Wesson chambered in .44 “Russian and a Belgian copy of a Smith & Wesson .41” – calibre Frontier Army gate-loading revolver, The Register reported.

Though his intentions for purchasing the firearms aren’t clear yet, police said a tip-off from an unnamed source led them to the suspect.

Jones’ apartment was searched under a warrant and in the process, two guns were discovered as expected. Marvin had the revolvers hidden in his bedroom wardrobe.

The suspect was arraigned in court yesterday and during trials, he claims to have purchased the guns because he’s an antique collector.

However, an Old Bailey jury sieved through facts and other legal details before pronouncing him guilty on July 14, the report said. He was sentenced for his crimes at the same court yesterday.

According to the report, Jones also received a three-month sentence, to run consecutively from the firearms sentences, for refusing to disclose his passwords.

At the time of his arrest he had two phones on him but refused to unlock them for detectives to view their contents.

Police served a section 49 notice on him under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act but Jones did not comply. Section 49 notices are used to force suspects to allow investigators to unlock their devices by handing over passwords.

The penalty for not handing over your password on demand to state investigators is two years in prison, unless the case involves “child indecency” or national security, when the potential sentence more than doubles to five years.