Coronavirus live updates

What have been the worst pandemics and epidemics in history?

In five months, the Covid-19 pandemic has claimed 153,793 lives globally. But the world has suffered other deadlier pandemics, epidemics and plagues through history.

Speaking recently, Microsoft founder Bill Gates explained that the world could have got itself ready for a global pandemic, but failed to do so.

Global coronavirus figures at 09:30 CEST

Here is a selection of the latest coronavirus figures, correct at 09:30 CEST, according to the Johns Hopkins University live tracker

Spain: 190,839 cases; 20,002 deaths

UK: 109,769 cases; 14,607 deaths

US: 706,779 cases; 37,079 deaths

Italy: 172,434 cases; 22,745 deaths

China: 83,784 cases; 4,636 deaths

Germany: 141,397 cases; 4,352 deaths

France: 149,130 cases; 18,703 deaths

Canada: 32,857 cases; 1,356 deaths

Australia: 6,547 cases; 67 deaths

India: 14,425 cases; 488 deaths

Nigeria: 493 cases; 17 deaths

World: 2,249,717 cases; 154,271 deaths

No new fatalities confirmed in China

China has reported that on Friday, 27 new coronavirus cases were confirmed, of which 17 were linked to foreign travel. No new fatalities were recorded.


Which countries have applied measures like stimulus checks and how much?

UK, United States, Spain, Germany, France, Turkey and more countries have announced stimulus packages in an effort to stave off economic and social collapse.

Covid 19 vaccine situation

The World Health Organization says 70 vaccines against the coronavirus are currently in the works, with three now being tested on humans.