CHOKING GAME: A Trending Dangerous Game Everyone Should Know About.

The popular choking game has always been there but parents, guardians and teachers have been warned to take note that the dangerous game is making a fast return among kids everywhere around the world.

Sample picture of how the choking game is played.

As a dad or mom, you may not know about this but I can bet your kids have seen or even tried playing this life-threatening game. Peer influence can’t be overruled no matter how responsible and godly you think a child to be.

In this trending game, a player chokes himself by stopping airflow to his body. The player dies with the hope of resurrecting.

Unfortunately, teenagers don’t see this as death. They call it other names that make it look funny.

The choking game is also referred to as “black out” or “pass out”.

Image shows a few of the many people who have died playing the choking game.

Kids can play this weird game online with video cameras from chat apps. It can also be played wherever kids have a chance to get together–in school, at home or elsewhere.

“You faint, pass out, and wake up,” Jordan Stevens explained, according to a CBS report.

Dr. Robert Glatter of Northwell Health Lenox Hill Hospital said some kids do it to get a “natural high”.

“You’re talking about cutting off blood flow to the brain which deprives the brain of oxygen,” Glatter explained.

Reports confirm that kids learn this dangerous game from “How to” videos in YouTube which has been viewed more than a million times.

As 15-year-old Jonathan Edwards acknowledged the game can come to a deadly conclusion.

“It’s really dangerous because somebody can die from it,” he said.

Garrett Pope, 11, died doing it just days ago in South Carolina.

Image shows 11-year-old Garrett Pope who strangulated himself while playing “black out” .

While most kids play the choking game because they think it’s funny, parents have been warned to ensure the safety of their kids by exposing its dangers.

Everyone must see this as an obligation because these teenagers think the black out game is a normal behavior, and funny in its own way.

Save a life by letting your family and friends know about this.