Chinese minister calls out Biden administration over ‘oppressive trade policy’

The US government’s practice of interfering in enterprises’ business decision-making by administrative means undermines market rules and international trade order, harms the interests of enterprises and investors, and is not conducive to the interests of China, the United States or the whole world, said Shu Jueting, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Commerce, on Thursday at a media conference.

She made the remarks after being asked for comments on media reports that the US government plans to ban US investments in some Chinese enterprises.

She also commented that China-US economic and trade cooperation is in line with the interests of both the Chinese and US people, and is also important for world economic growth.

The two countries’ bilateral trade values hit record highs last year, which reflected the resilience of China-US trade and fully demonstrated that the economic structures of the two countries are quite different and that China-US trade is mutually beneficial, she said