Chinese Hotel Guest Found About $1,500 Under The Pillow.


The following incident will make you question the morality between good and bad.

Reports from Chongqing says a man in Southwest of China lodged in a hotel overnight. His name is Lu Gang and the hotel is called Shangdu Hotel.

He was about to leave the hotel room in the morning when he had an impulse to check under the pillow and see if he wasn’t leaving anything of worth behind.

Surprisingly, he found a total of crisp 10,000 yuan (about $1,500).

The lucky man was outraged rather then feel happy for the trove he just discovered.

His anger? He considered it wrong for the hotel staff to have rented out the room to him without changing the bedspread used by the last occupant. He cared less for the money which he could have quietly taken away without raising any eyebrows but was angry because the room wasn’t properly sanitized.

“What a large sum of money,” Lu was quoted as shouting as he called in his family members.

Police were called and hotel staff counted the notes, which turned out to be worth nearly 10,000 yuan. The money was later handed in to the police.

A manager at the hotel told the newspaper the money might have been left by the last guest who stayed in the room before Lu.

However, Lu said he felt unhappy with the standards of care in cleaning his room.

“On the surface [the bedding] looked ok, but who could assure us that they were really up to standards of hygiene? Isn’t it an everyday routine for a hotel to change bedding in a room?” he asked.

Chinese hotel laws stipulate that even cheap guest houses have to change the bedding in rooms every day, according to the newspaper.