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Chinese diplomat lectures Africa on the conflict resolution and consensus building

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Mr. Zhou Yuxiao, the Chinese ambassador for Affairs of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, has advised African politicians to shun “unaccommodating politics” and understand that playing politics with bitterness instead of building consensus among various interest groups is a waste of valuable time.

The Chinese diplomat urged African leaders to focus on initiating and implementing strategic development policies instead of the persistent bickering which has been synonymous with the continent.

In his speech at the two-day Africa thematic event organized by President Xi Jinping-led Chinese Communist Party (CPC), Mr. Yuxiao acknowledged the overwhelming difficulty in providing effective and responsible leadership where systemic variables such as corruption, violence and ethnicism pose huge obstacles.

‘We should work hard to unify the parties, citizens and governments, including universities and Non-governmental Organizations so that no resource is wasted,’ he emphasized, adding that dialogue and consensus-building are some of the major features which must not lack in any democratic setting.

‘Where there are different opinions from both majority and minority groups, government policies tend to be all-encompassing and useful in solving a variety of systemic problems.’

Mr. Yuxiao explained that China is distinguished from other countries, particularly in Africa, because it practices consultative democracy.

‘Multi-party democracy has been the bane of African countries,’ he said.

The world’s second largest economy operates a socialist economy where the leading party, CPC, often go all around the country canvassing for support, opinions, criticisms and consultations with other political parties, NGOs and intellectuals on the best policies to be adopted.

‘Africa needs a unique model, so I am not saying you should borrow a leaf from us,’ Mr. Yuxiao continued.

‘I’m not saying that your government administrators or economic strategies are better or worse than China’s. However, the implementation process makes the difference.

‘I believe it is time for both countries to learn from each other and make adjustments where necessary.’

He also dismissed claims that China made efforts to colonize Africa, saying the Asian tiger could have done so about 50 years ago if that was the case.

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