Chinese Boy tears cash worth $10,000 after parents left him lonely at home

Please, never you leave me lonely…it felt like I was locked out of heaven, mom, dad, forgive me. I’m deeply sorry.

A 5-year-old Chinese boy got his revenge on some cash after his parents disappeared without notice from their home on a Saturday, leaving the poor boy all by himself.

The couple probably wanted some quiet time away from home, and had no where to drop him off. Understood, but not accepted, the boy must have murmured.

Depressed, angry, and clueless, the boy searched their home and miraculously found some wads of cash totaling $10,000 (an estimated equivalent of 50,000 yuan).

The boy quickly went to work, tearing to shreds every banknote within his reach. You’d bet he searched for more and couldn’t find any. Isn’t that a nice way to get useful when angry with parents who put their kids’ safety at risk?

Time to watch where you deposit your savings, anyway.

His father later returned and was met with the shocking sight. He quickly picked up the ‘thrash’ and sought help from nearby banks, Sohu reported.

Luckily, he got help but there was a price to pay.

Bank officials accepted to exchange the torn cash for new banknotes only when he is able to put the puzzle together.

He tried, and cried and tried for two days but was unable to complete the project because the pieces were damn too many to arrange.

What would you expect? He gave up the chase.

A report from South China Morning Post says the man did not scold or punish his son because he’s too young to understand what he had done.

‘The amount was borrowed for business,’ the grieving father explains.