China’s First J-10 Female Fighter Pilot Dies in a Crash

The first woman to fly China’s J-10 fighter plane, Yu Xu, was killed in an accident during a routine training flight with the aerobatics team over the weekend.

Image: Yu Xu

The engine and the flight data recorder or black box of the two-seater fighter jet J-10 has been recovered at the accident site in Yutian county on Saturday evening, reports the China Daily.

According to an official, the authorities are investigating the cause of the accident.

Two pilots from the Bayi Aerobatic Team of People’s Liberation Army’s Air Force were conducting a routine flight training on Saturday morning in Tianjin before they were forced to eject from the jet as two jets hit each other.

Image:  Yu Xu

Witnesses said the impact left a 10-meter diameter and 3-meter deep pit on the farmland at Dayangpu village of Chenjiapu.

The male pilot parachuted to safety. But Yu Xu hit the wing of another J-10 and died. She was at the back seat during the training.

Image shows Yu Xu and a co-pilot.

More pictures from the late female fighter pilot: