China will depend on coal for energy generation, says officials


China will boost production in more of its coal mines to increase the nation’s coal reserves.

Officials also announced, during the annual parliament gathering, that it will guarantee the transportation of coal and further improve coal pricing mechanisms.

The announcement comes as the central government’s approval of new coal mining projects and expansion of production at existing mines, after tight fuel supplies last year caused a nationwide power shortage that stunted industrial output.

In 2021, China’s coal output reached a record high of 4.07 billion tonnes.

Meanwhile, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, in a separate report to the country’s parliament, promised to maintain adequate levels of electricity for residential and industrial use.

Despite the rising popularity of renewable power, more than half of China’s electricity is generated from coal-fired plants, making the country heavily reliant on fossil fuels.

“We will advance the development of major petroleum reserve projects, and build up the momentum of increases in both reserves and output,” officials said.

The Chinese government also said it would promote the market-based integration of provincial oil and gas pipelines, to create a unified national network and support the exploration and utilisation of unconventional natural gas.