China warns UK about meddling in ‘Taiwan affairs’

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China said that the UK and some of its politicians should refrain from engaging in anti-China manipulation or interfering in China’s internal affairs on the Taiwan question.

The warning comes after the Grand Committee of the House of Lords of the UK held a debate on “support for democracy in Taiwan” on March 3, during which some members referred to China’s Taiwan region as “the Ukraine of the Far East” and advocated stronger “support” for and “protection” of Taiwan from the UK government, reported CGTN.

The Chinese embassy spokesperson in the United Kingdom on Saturday in a statement firmly opposed and strongly condemned the move and said, “Stop playing with fire on the Taiwan question. Making such a comparison between the Taiwan question and the Ukraine issue, and advocating stronger support for and protection of Taiwan lay bare the total ignorance of certain UK politicians on history and the current situation as well as their presumptuous and sinister intention to undermine China’s unity.”

Noting that there is but one China in the world and Taiwan is an inseparable part of it, the spokesperson said the one-China principle is the extensive consensus of the international community and a widely recognized norm governing international relations, reported CGTN.

“No one should underestimate the strong determination, resolve and capability of the Chinese people in safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said the spokesperson.

“We also urge the UK to abide by the one-China principle, avoid sending any wrong signal to the secessionist forces clamouring for ‘Taiwan independence, and handle Taiwan-related issues in a discreet and appropriate manner.”

Since 1949, Taiwan has been governed independently from mainland China. But the communist regime views the island as its province, while Taiwan — a territory with its own democratically-elected government — maintains that it is an autonomous country but stops short of declaring independence.