China to probe COVID-19 outbreak in Guangzhou

Chinese investigators have set up a task force to investigate possible dereliction of duty among Guangzhou officials over the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus in China
People wearing face masks in China

A task force of municipal and provincial Communist Party disciplinary officials have been set up, South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported, citing a report in Southern Daily.

“[The investigation] will be held in accordance with regulations, party discipline and law to hold negligent senior cadres and officials to account,” the report cited Guangdong disciplinary watchdog notice as saying.

Beijing has enforced a zero-tolerance approach to COVID, and punishment to local officials for small outbreaks has become common practice.

Among the city’s 18 million people, 135 coronavirus cases have been reported so far in Guangzhou.The latest mini outbreak of infection in Guangdong started in May, with most cases reported in cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Foshan.

In the wake of the outbreak, authorities in Guangzhou imposed more preventive measures.

Preventing outbreaks is a priority for CCP leaders ahead of the party’s centenary in July and a key session next year that could see a leadership reshuffle.

Guangdong party boss Li Xi has been very visible in his efforts to quarantine arrangements.

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