China boasts of first foreign military base in Djibouti

Djibouti, located in the horn of Africa, is now a proud host to China’s first foreign military base.


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The Chinese naval base in Djibouti will exist alongside America’s military base, Camp Lemonnier.

While President Xi Jinping’s armed forces are expected to work towards bringing stability and promoting peace in the region, the CPC leader recently engaged his loyal soldiers in a video chat and encouraged them to show commitment and respect to the laws.

China officially launched the military base in August, on the same day People’s Liberation Army marked its 90th birthday with celebrations.

President Xi encouraged his men to promote a good image, and described the achievement as one of the country’s “logistics facility.”

His idea for the term comes from Djibouti’s strategic geographical location on the northwestern edge of the Indian Ocean. Neighbors to the Asian tiger – India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar – have expressed concerns for China’s show of military might in the region.

The Chinese media said its first overseas military base, which it described as the newest addition to its ‘string of pearls,’ has particularly sparked worries in India.

In a chat with the Djibouti-based forces during a visit to China’s joint battle command center in Beijing, the country’s Defense Ministry said on Friday that Mr. President understands how military bases operate as well as the risks faced by soldiers.

However, Xi urged them to promote global peace and maintain regional stability.

China military

The soldiers swore in their honor to uphold China’s good image, the ministry said.


According to the update, construction of China’s military base in Djibouti started last year; it will serve as a supply link to navy ships taking part in humanitarian and peacekeeping missions off the coasts of Yemen and Somalia.

The military achievement is an inspiration for Xi Jinping’s earlier declaration of a modernized and mechanized armed forces by mid-21st century. China says it is investing human and material resources to develop a military with capabilities to operate effectively and efficiently outside its shores.


The ministry reiterated Mr. President’s wish that the armed forces ‘improve their combat capability and readiness for war.’

China military parade

“The progress in joint operation command systems, especially in efficiency at the regional level, was needed and troops must conduct training under combat conditions,” Xi was quoted as saying.

Djibouti, a very small and barren landmass located on the route to Suez Canal and the southern path to the Red Sea, also hosts Japanese and French military bases.

Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea have Djibouti sandwiched between them.