Chibokgirls all dead except 15

Ahmed Salkida, a Nigerian journalist known for his rare insights into the working of Boko Haram group has sensationally revealed that only 15 out of the 113 Chibok schoolgirls believed to be in the custody of insurgent group are still alive.


In a series of tweets this Saturday, April 14 which marks the fourth-year anniversary of the abduction of the over 200 girls from their school in Chibok, Borno State, Salkida said his painstaking investigations revealed that many of the girls died from cross fires and bombardments of the security forces that were intended to rescue them.

He also revealed that the remaining 15 girls are no longer under the control of Abubakar Shekau faction of Boko Haram as was believed.

“According to sources, they are now ‘married’ and only their ‘husbands’ can decide their fates,” Salkida tweeted while accusing the Nigerian government of negotiating for girls that are no longer existing.

The journalist added that Shekau can only negotiate for the girls if their husbands were killed or they were divorced from them.

Even then, he said the girls have been indoctrinated and their leader (Shekau) has no right to negotiate for their release, no matter the ransom offered, an information he attributed to multiple sources.

Salkida who said it will be unbearable for him to share the name of the 15 girls that are still alive, however challenged government to prove his claims about the death of the Chibokgirls wrong or “stop negotiating for many of the girls that don’t exists..”

Salkida also offered rare insights into how the girls were abducted as well as his involvements in the futile effort to get the them released under former President Goodluck Jonathan.

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