Cheeky Couple who engaged in Public Sex knew Police was watching from a Copter

A sassy couple who confidently carried on with their public sex romp, knowing the police in south Yorkshire had them on video from a helicopter, must be frowning as the officers battle with prosecutors in court.

The officers have been summoned to explain their own sides of the shameful behavior.

The brazen couple were reportedly having sex in their garden, an open space in a suburban house, when they sighted a police helicopter hovering above them.

Having realized that they were being watched, the excited lovers waved at those men in police uniforms, while changing sex positions at random to satisfy the officers in an 8-minute video.

Prosecutors heard the man on top was wearing only a Manchester United t-shirt; and his woman who filthily waved at those police officers during the act, had nothing on her.

A total of two pilots and two police officers faced trials in Sheffield Crown Court.

Adrian Pogmore has admitted four charges of misconduct in a public office

Image shows Adrian Pogmore in court.

Adrian Pogmore, the policeman in charge of South Yorkshire police helicopter crew, was charged with four counts of misconduct in a pubic office. He stands accused for taking photos of naturists, and filming naked sunbathers, a crime for which he has pleaded guilty as charged.

Lee Walls arrives at Sheffield Crown Court for the start of his trial

Lee Walls was also indicted in the case.

The presiding judge Richard Wright QC told a jury, “They used the unique viewing position afforded to them, together with the powerful video camera with which the helicopter is equipped, to video members of the public engaged in private activities in a gross violation of their privacy.

“On three separate occasions they filmed a total of five people sunbathing naked in private and, on another occasion, they filmed a couple having sexual intercourse in their own garden.”

The judge permitted his jury to watch those porny videos in court before he commenced trials.

However, the sex romp between that United fan and his partner sparked huge controversies because the couple were identified as friends of 50-year-old Adrian Pogmore, who is said to be a police officer and air observer on the chopper.

The chief prosecutor asked before presenting the case, “How then does the prosecution say that we can prove that these recordings are not simply the product of one swinging and sex-obsessed air observer, Adrian Pogmore, but were made with the connivance of the other members of the crew?”

Out of the five officers of the law — including Matthew Lucas, 42, Lee Walls, 47, Matthew Loosemore, 45, and Malcolm Reeves, 64 — only Pogmore admitted his crimes. The rest of them pleaded not guilty.

“As you will see in a moment, the couple who were filmed on this occasion were very much aware that they were being observed, indeed they seem to relish it,” Judge Richard added.

“The reason that this couple are so happy to be recorded engaging in sexual intercourse is that they are friends of Mr Pogmore and shared his sexual interest in the swinging scene.

“It was clearly, therefore, no coincidence that the helicopter orbits around their garden while they brazenly put on a show.”

Pilot Malcolm Reeves denies two counts

Image shows one of the pilots Malcolm Reeves.

Regrettably, the judge added: “You may hope that the police helicopter is chasing down criminals and keeping the community safe.

“You may never imagine that in fact it is being used to film a pair of swingers in the throes of sexual passion for the entertainment of the crew.”

The incident which is now on trial, was recorded on 28 July, 2008 when Pogmore and Lucas worked as observers, while Loosemore piloted the aircraft.

Judge Richard called the act “a gross waste of valuable resource.”

 “This was a deliberate invasion of their privacy for, at the very least, the inappropriate amusement of the crew and, at worst, for their sexual gratification,” the prosecutor said.

“Although naturists expect to be seen naked by other naturists, they do not expect to be monitored by the crew of the police helicopter.”

Mr. Pogmore was busted in 2015 after the recorded videos were found to be in his possession at a police station. He was the only member of that crew who thoughtlessly showed his face in the videos.

The trials started on Tuesday and will last about three weeks, the report confirms.